What We Do

Regular Dance Training (For Members)

We provide regular dance training for our members. Training is conducted in a Deaf-friendly environment without compromising professionalism. This is achieved through the use of sign language, visual cues and constant adjustment to environmental and communication approaches to cater to different members’ learning profile. Our current Deaf and Hearing resident instructors have experience working with the Deaf community.

Members with adequate experience will also be exposed to training under invited guest instructors. These guest instructors are briefed on how to work with the Deaf beforehand, and are also supported by our resident instructors. Such training will involve feedback sessions, to create a constructive exchange between the Hearing and Deaf dancers. This will also expand the network of mainstream dancers and instructors who are aware of Deaf Dance culture.

Short Term Dance Workshops & Courses (For Deaf Non-Members)

We recognise that Deaf individuals may be interested to learn Dance, but are not able to commit to long term training. Hence we conduct short term workshops and courses that are open to all Deaf individuals. These include our annual 2-day Dance workshop, Deaf Dance Ignition (DGI), which offers a teaser of different dance genres. We also provide workshops with overseas Deaf Dance instructors. As far as possible, we provide these short term workshops and courses for free to Deaf individuals.

Deaf Dance Awareness and Induction Workshop (For Hearing & Deaf)

We are constantly looking out for ways to expand the network of Hearing dancers who are interested and equipped to work with the Deaf. Previously, we have conducted dance-focused sign language and Deaf culture workshops, which also provide opportunities for Deaf and Hearing dancers to interact and understand one another better.

Performances & Showcases

Please visit our selected works or portfolio page for the full list.

Besides Dancing…
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