Our Work

  • Signing Hands Music Video 2020

    Be inspired by this original song music video, an inclusive collaboration with co-lyricist, director-choreographer, dancers and musicians with disabilities.
  • Fire in the Rain Music Video 2018

    Redeafination is featured in Look Beyond My Disability, See The True Me NCSS's Music Video – a celebration of abilities.
  • Ballin’ 24K @ Purple Parade 2017

    Rocking the Purple Parade's official tee in Street Style as we ballin' our way to the 24k magic of hiphop!
  • I Miss You – Roseanne’s Item

    "People come and go, but memories stay forever" – A couple who had to go separate ways because of different life backgrounds, but the memories will always stay in their hearts.
  • Father, Father – A Dedicated Item

    A special dance dedication to the memory of one of our member's late dad
  • Let’s Scream & Sock it Up! @ WTMW 2015

    Socking it up with exciting choreography by our Deaf instructors, at VSA's Welcome To My World
  • Redeafination Goes Funky! @ WTMW 2014

    Redeafination showcased a variety of dance styles including locking and popping, presented in a funky and fun-loving piece that shows what we can achieve as long as we stick together as a team.
  • Wherever You Will Go – Contemporary Item

    "Who will be there to take my place when I'm gone?" A dance dedication to all parents, caregivers and teachers of loved ones with special needs and challenges. Because of your love, we will be strong, wherever we will go.
  • Yfest 2012 @ Esplanade

    Bringing the New and Old together! RDF puts up a Kpop Item (I'm the Best by 2NE1) infused with Sign Language, and wraps up on a high by going back to the 90s with Now that We Found Love by Heavy D and the Boyz
  • Welcome To My World 2011

    Redeafination hits the stage with Hero by Nas & Keri Hilson followed by our first attempt in sign rapping.

  • 4Flo Hiphop Fest 2010 @ Esplanade

    Our debut locking showcase followed by a cheery item to Eenie Meenie by Sean Kingston & Justin Bieber