How to Apply

Interested Deafs – please fill up a membership application HERE and we will get back to you about the details of your first trial class. We accept all Deaf friends who are interested to learn dance. No dance experience is required! The first trial class is NOT an audition. It is for you to have a taste of our regular training and decide if you would like to join the club.

We accept new Hearing members on a case by case basis. The following factors are not compulsory but will boost your application.

– knowledge in sign language or willingness to learn on your own
– knowledge in Deaf culture or have prior experience interacting with the Deaf community
– dance experience
– special value-added skills eg videography, photography, design, events management etc

Note: The free trial class applies to Deaf applicants only. Hearing applicants are required to pay a $10 fee for the first trial class. This fee will be used to offset subsequent membership fees for those who are accepted as members. 

Any clarification, please email us :)