Performance Booking

mgrWhile we love to perform and share our art all the time, unfortunately we are not able to fulfill all of the many booking requests for these main reasons:

  1. Our performers are part-time dancers who may not be able to commit to a booking
  2. Our dancers’ primary responsibility is the development of their dance skills and training
  3. Our primary motivation for doing performances is for the promotion of Deaf awareness and to raise the profile of the Deaf community in Singapore.
  4. The group is self-sustaining and requires financial support for its performances.

**Redeafination normally requires bookings at least 3 to 6 months in advance.

Yes, we do charge for performance bookings. Fees are used to cover costs of costumes, equipments, rehearsals, and other arrangements. However, we may do performances on a pro bono basis, depending on the nature of the event and whether they are aligned with our goals.

Booking fees are dependent on a number of factors like the length of item, number of dancers involved, amount of preparation time, type of event etc. To give an example, a 6-8 dancers, 3-5 minute performance may be charged a fee of around $3000. To give the best possible performance, we normally do not recommend doing a performance with less than 6 dancers.

Specific details are negotiable and dependent on other factors like whether meals and transport are provided and the nature of the event.

Facility & Equipment Requirements

Because of the nature of our group, we have a few minimum requirements necessary to ensure the best possible performance is provided.

  • Adequate stage size / performance area for a dance item, depending on number of dancers
  • Proper sound equipment (and sound technician). e.g stereo speakers/stage monitors
  • Proper lighting
  • A dressing and waiting area for the performers, close to the stage.
  • A 45 min stage/tech run session, at least 2 hours prior to show time.

**Before requesting a booking, please check and determine if the organizers have the funding and facility resources for a performance.


For booking requests, please drop us an email at with the details of your event

  1. Who are the organisers?
  2. What is the purpose of the event?
  3. When is the performance? (details should also include show time, rehearsals, tech run if any)
  4. Where is the performance venue?
  5. What are the facilities and equipment provided?
  6. Who is the intended target audience?
  7. Is this a paid performance? If not, will there be reimbursement for other expenses eg., meals, transport, etc, or value-add for Redeafination eg., publicity, other non-monetary benefits?
  8. If it’s a fund-raising effort, which charity will it benefit?