Interviews / Project Collaboration

rbcWe appreciate the high level of interest in our group from interviewers and project groups. Due to the high volume of requests, we would like to appeal to interviewers and groups to consider their topic carefully and to assess whether other organisations (we have included some possibilities below) are more relevant for their purposes.

Regarding Deaf Culture

For interviews/projects related to Deaf issues and knowledge, we recommend the following organisations:

  1. Singapore Association for the Deaf
  2. Deaf and Hard of Hearing Federation Singapore

Regarding Redeafination or Deaf Dance

Individuals/groups that wish to interview Redeafination should meet the following requirements:

  1. Outcome of interview/project must be able to meet our current needs (see below) and add value to our cause, noting that our primary objective is Deaf awareness and empowerment through Dance.
  2.  A copy of all project deliverables must be given to Redeafination to keep and freely use for our own publicity purposes.
  3. All deliverables and output of the interview/project must be Deaf accessible (including closed captioning for all videos, transcripts for audio etc).
  4. We prefer interviews to be focused on the Deaf members in our crew.

If we are suitable subjects for your interview/project, please send an email to with the following details:

  1. The purpose of your project: whether it is part of a graded module, or part of an activity club or CIP project etc
  2. The target audience and anticipated reach of your interview/project outcome
  3. Reason for choosing Redeafination as your subject
  4. The expected products arising from the interview/project: report, presentation, videos, a featured printed / online article etc
  5. The accessibility and copyright of your deliverables at the end of the interview/project

Current Needs / Objectives
We currently have the following immediate needs. If your project can aid in one or more of the following, please drop us an email at

  1. Reaching out to Deaf students in mainstream schools and special schools to create awareness of RDF or to provide exposure to dance training
  2. Professional dance training and exposure for our members
  3. A suitable platform for our team to educate the public with the appropriate messages to achieve Deaf awareness through dance

Thank you!