About Us


Formed in 2008, Redeafination (spelt with “Deaf” and “Nation”) is an independent dance crew for the Deaf. Redeafination aims to promote Deaf awareness as well as to nurture and develop performing arts talents within the Deaf community. As of today, the crew is fully made up of Deaf members.

Over the years, Redeafination has received much recognition and accolades from both the dance scene and the deaf community. Since its formation, Redeafination has gone on to perform at various events. Redeafination also conducts annual introductory dance workshops to reach out to Deaf youths and expose them to Dance.

As at December 2020, Redeafination has 15 members, and continues to grow.

Behind our Name

logo-breakdownFull Name: Redeafination          Sign Name: Tap “R” sign on shoulder (elbow up)          Written Short Form: RDF          Oral Short Form: Redeaf

The name Redeafination is a modification of the word “redefinition” – it is modified to be spelt with “Deaf” and “Nation” in it. As the name suggests, we aim to grow into a nation of Deaf dancers, with its own unique culture. Similar to the meaning of the root word, Redeafination also aims to redefine the meaning of dance to both the Deaf and Hearing, especially those who have the common stereotype and misconception that the Deaf does not enjoy music nor dance. There might be those in the Deaf community who dream of dancing but do not do so because of society’s stereotypes or lack of exposure and opportunities to learn and explore Dance. There are many in the Hearing community who will never associate Deaf with Music much less Dance. By grooming and bringing together a nation of Deaf dancers, we hope to be a living example to redefine the meaning of dance to the above groups of people.