Formed in 2008, Redeafination (spelt with “Deaf” and “Nation”) is an independent hip hop dance club for the Deaf. Redeafination aims to promote Deaf awareness as well as to nurture and develop performing arts talents within the Deaf community. The group is made up of a majority of Deaf members. All Deaf welcomed! No experience needed!
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Our primary training is street style dance. Some of our members go through further training in other genres such as jazz and contemporary out of interest. Our performance showcases are dance focused. This means we do not perform pure song signing items, though we may occasionally infuse sign language in our dance items (eg song signing or sign rap). Please feel free to watch our showcases on our portfolio page or Youtube channel.

  • Redeafination Goes Funky @ Welcome to my World 2014

    Redeafination showcased a variety of dance styles including locking and popping, presented in a funky and fun-loving piece that shows what we can achieve as long as we stick together as a team.
  • Wherever You Will Go – Contemporary Item

    "Who will be there to take my place when I'm gone?" A dance dedication to all parents, caregivers and teachers of loved ones with special needs and challenges. Because of your love, we will be strong, wherever we will go.
  • Yfest @ Esplanade

    Bringing the New and Old together! RDF puts up a Kpop Item (I'm the Best by 2NE1) infused with Sign Language, and wraps up on a high by going back to the 90s with Now that We Found Love by Heavy D and the Boyz

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Welcome to the world of Deaf Dance. We share what we know through our own journey and look forward to learn from others as well!
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